Motivated but unsure where to start?

With expert advice you can DIY (Declutter It Yourself) or combine our Action Plan with practical sessions. Our DIY Action Plan is perfect for you!

What’s Involved:

  • tour of your home/workplace (1 hour)
  • definition of your goals
  • expert advice to minimise clutter
  • strategies for immediate implementation
  • a personalised plan with step-by-step instruction
  • FREE follow up to ensure your DIY success

In less than 5 business days you’ll hold your Action Plan in your hot little hand, detailing steps required to commence the decluttering process. You can choose to implement this nifty nugget of gold on your own or move onto practical sessions. 

Don’t want to do it alone?

Our Professional Organiser will spend time with you (and your family) to create beautiful spaces and functional systems by getting hands-on. A session minimum of 4-hours allows for maximum motivation and productivity as items are pulled out, sorted, purged, and assigned new homes.

Included in our service is removal of your donations (where feasible). We’re passionate about rehoming your donated goods and will make sure they finding a loving new home. Along the way you’ll learn new tips, tricks and habits to implement to ensure sustainability. An average home requires 4-6 sessions to eliminate disorganisation and the process takes as long as your decisions do. 

With personalised service tailored just for your needs, we’ll travel the journey to organisation with you.

Ready to take the leap? Please contact us for your FREE telephone consultation.